Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Knitting on the move and James Bond

Tools of the trade, essential for stress free and productive train travel.

An MP3 player, preferably with a remote volume control. A Useful plastic bag in which to keep my current knitting project, usually socks because I don't want a handbag the size of a suitcase! All this was invaluable on my return journey from York on Saturday, after leaving there on time we were sat in the platform at Doncaster for 40 minutes. Almost finished the sock I had with me, now that would have been disaster as I didn't have a book with me. The DPNS that I now knit socks on are Brittany Birches 5" length. when I first saw these I had my doubts but they are much easier to handle than longer needles. I do get some very funny looks, sometimes worrying ones when a cocktail size needle shoots into the air!

Opal Petticoat in some very vibrant colour, even too much for me but it was chosen by my non knitting sister for a friends birthday. Sunglasses required me thinks.

Sunday was spent depositing a very grubby white van, not made so by us, and walking down to the odeon in brighton on the sea front, via Carluccios. I like to try all these places and this one didn't let us down. The Hot Chocolate looks interesting as the glasses its served in appear to have chocolate painted inside them in a very decorative fashion, what a job that must be. We had breakfast which having walked a reasonable distance I didn't feel too guilty about.

Managed at last to get in to see Casino Royal, can recommend it although as we were leaving one young girl was asked by her mother if she'd enjoyed it the reply was "I thought it was never going to end".

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