Sunday, November 05, 2006

Noro Scarf and Bag

Have been busy with various knits for Christmas most of which I can't show because some are for one of the 3 people who read this. But in its pre felted state is a Noro Silk Garden Barton Bag. The pattern was free on the 2007 Simply Knitting Calendar aswell as being in Noro Unlimited shade I used is 84, very vibrant but I'll see what felting does.

This is just a section, so you can see colours, of the multi directional scarf I have started. May run out of wool as I thought, possibly naively, that 2 balls would be enough. So will be dispatching the York connection to Sheepish tomorrow to see if they have any left, as I bought the original in their Knaresborough shop. I think Noro must have discontinued this shade because of the yellowy Green, which is the reason I bought it. No accounting for tatse! I love Noro wools although I do think the price is a little prohibitive to make all the large Jackets and Cardigans I would like.

My stash currently resides in a Sainsburys reuseable shopping bag, very orange, although I see they have designer ones now so will have to upgrade to make the bedroom ornament fit in! Been selling some on yarn on EBay because my tastes have changed as have the availability of decent yarns and colours. During stash clearance I came across carrier bags from Kangaroo, when they had a shop in Lewes and also Bobbins, when they had a shop in York. Bobbins closed their shop before I moved South so thats over 11 years ago....obviously thats a project that was doomed from day 1.

Am looking forward to visiting Angel Yarns Open Day, I have ordered from them and regularly and read their forum I am not brave enough to announce myself.
Have managed to persuade my Mum that she would like a trip to the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate so that will mean a 05:49 train from Brighton, my regular work one. I had arranged to meet a friend from Mallorca while in York so it seemed a good excuse to combine the two. I will of course not be buying, well maybe some more Twilleys Freedom Spirit, for a much longer multi directional scarf or three.

This post does read a bit like a grand tour but my life now is in Brighton, I work in London and my previous existence was in York, so you can see the connection.

Finally for all those campaigners concerned about cruelty to Jelly Babies, they have all gone. Haribo Star Mix, leftover from Halloween, are going to be the next to get it!

Sussex by the Sea.


Bronte said...

Please come over and introduce yourself to the other Angels! You've got the confidence to come to a scary cake day with lots of strangers, so saying "hi" on the forum is nothing. :-)

Queen Frogger said...

I look forward to seeing how the bag felts and the scarf is great!
I am the opposite to you .. I am scared to came to the cake day but don't mind the forum!