Sunday, November 26, 2006

Harrogate Knitting and Stitching show

There I was on the 05:39 train from Brighton, waking up the world with texts to advise of my arrival time. When will people learn not to sleep with their mobile phones! After the usual delays the train I was on reached York 2 minutes in front of the next train from London, which left 30 minutes later. The green project was almost completed en route and final rows done at 07:00 Saturday morning, anyone would think I suffered from insomnia.

Back to Harrogate, which was rather wet when we arrived. The usual crowds of coach trippers blocked the show entrance, do they not realise once off the coach they can disperse? The last time I went to this show was possibly 20 years ago so with this in mind and the rise in knittings popularity I stupidly thought, like alot of others, that the show would now be on a par with the one run by the same company at Alexandra Palace. No, knitting despite being in the shows title, is still badly represented, possibly because some firms don't think it worth the journey North. I would have thought Bettys was enough reason, rumour has it knitting needles were in full swing there. Despite this huge difference to the Alexandra Palace show it is nice to see some yarn retailers think it worth the trip North and South. HipKnits, UK Alpaca and Pavi Yarns to name a few of the ones to get my business. I think yet again it will be another few years before I go back but I am lucky enough to live somewhere where getting to Alexandra Palace is easy.
After that North South divide rant heres what you've been waiting for......Stash Needless to say my rucksack was bulging nicely for the return journey.

Hipknits Cashmere club sock yarn for November and the goodies for joining HipKnits Club, including Camel. At least thats what someones father told me! It is a lovely soft wool so worth watching for it going on sale.

HipKnits Laceweight Cotton/Silk.

UK Alpaca bargain buys 100g for £4.50 and the Black is 100% Alpaca.

Again from HipKnits Schaefer Elaine in 2 colourways.

Finally some Twilleys Freedom Spirit Fire.

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