Thursday, November 23, 2006

Socks, Cinema and Thai!

As is true of many people at this time of year pictures of my current projects will be few and far because they are Christmas presents. Although one of the people who have read this doesn't have a computer she usually reads it via anothers!

Anyway I have finished the first of my Green secret project, will I be able to part with it? Have bought a pair of very expensive Sock Blockers to hopefully show them at their best. Haven't ever bothered about this before but I think some patterns will benefit.

Do you find that you collect patterns for yourself and conscience/deadlines force you to knit it for someone else first. This is the case here but it has encouraged me to be more adventurous with my sock knitting. Which I know a few friends find amusing when you can buy 7 pairs for £7 in Next/M&S etc. Although the one person who has got a pair of my hand knit socks has asked me to knit a pair for someone else.

On normal life front. We tried to get in to see Casino Royale last night. After speeding down from Brighton station we reached the Odeon to find the queue out of the door with 5 minutes to the start. Trying again on Sunday in the hope that everyone else has something better to do. Still went for our usual Thai meal at the highly recommended Thai Spice which is a very unassuming place but the food is excellent. This restaurant is second only, in our minds, to Paulina Thai Cafe in Kings Cross Road, London. Very local for my office and our payday takeaway. It is the Thai equivalent of a greasy spoon to look at but the food is very good and cheap!

A picture just to add to the interest, I aspire to making my sock knitting easier so bought Socks that Soar on Two Circular Needles which will get read after the rush of Christmas knits has passed. On the same day my yarn from the Yarn Yard arrived, Novembers charity yarn Bushcraft and Goth with pink which has since been knit and frogged! So if you wish to see it knit up see previous post.

Early train to get to Harrogate tomorrow, have a huge list of purchase possibilities especially for the Shoalwater Shawl pattern bought from Angel Yarns.

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