Sunday, November 12, 2006


Just a quick up date of my so far eventful weekend.

Friday boarded 12:00 at Kings Cross bound for York and was lucky enough to have 2 seats to myself all journey, possibly the knitting put them off. This was after starting work at 07:30 so left Brighton on the 05:49. Fairly relaxing day.

Saturday 07:40 bus to go to hairdressers, I look much younger thanks to Baco Foil and lots of gunk. (Lowlights I believe the technical term is).
11:30 back on bus to centre of York where someone proceeded to throw up whilst sitting next to me.......pure alcohol....Nice....NOT. Cafe didn't serve lunch til 12 and 11:54 was not near enough. Delays on trains so sped to station, retrieved bags and chased train down platform, managed to get 2 seats to myself yet again. Almost managed to complete sleeve of my cardigan.
Heres a close up of Twilleys Freedom Spirit Earth that I'm knitting it in. Having almost commuted to and from York I have seen many problems mainly with Toilet doors not being locked so I shall say no more but at least I had moved after pressing the open button so the display was not for me but the whole of coach G.
I boarded train at 12:33 which was already running an hour late and arrived back in brighton 16:15 so I think that is almost top of the leader board for journey times on this route.

Iced yet more cakes last night for affore mentioned exhibition and am now preparing to leave and serve the general public. Something for your delectation.
Tiffin always good for 50p a slice!

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