Sunday, November 12, 2006

Going Postal......Curious rants

The title may have given you a clue, or maybe not.

I am still awaiting my order from Curious Yarns which was made 25th September, I think I'm being very patient but as no phone number is advertised i am restricted in communication options. Have sent numerous E-Mails to various addresses and also written but so far I have received 1 E-Mail which was early October, saying my order may have been lost, to which I responded. I am looking at the fact that I may have lost £50, despite reading so many peoples good reports about this yarn.

They may well be innocent in all this as I had part of an order from Laughing Hens outstanding so long I'd forgotten about it and was only reminded by them when it was returned to them 2 months after the order date as undeliverable. It appears now that the Royal Mail don't always feel the need to tell you a parcel is sitting in the sorting office. This appears not to be the case of the Curious Yarns order as my husband has investigated.

Any clues would be much appreciated. Hard to knit up £50 worth of thin air.


Queen Frogger said...

I hope you manage to sort this out. I love their yarns but it is a bit tricky when there isn't a phone number.

Helen said...

I ordered some sock yarn at the beginning of the year from CY. It arrived quite quickly, but she didn't email to let me know it had been despached, as promised on the website, and when I emailed with some comments and questions, I didn't get a reply.

Since then I've seen various people comment that her delivery and communication wasn't all it could be. It's a shame, as she has some lovely stuff on the site.