Tuesday, September 18, 2007

14 Weeks and Counting

I won't upset you too much by mentioning the C word but I have just checked my diary and we have 1 weekend where we aren't committed to something before the event. Makes us sound popular but most of those are taken up by someone working, not me I'll be knitting.

On the knitting front I can't show too much, but its started.

Purple Cornish Pasties anyone, do you remember the Clarks shoes that looked like these, Polyveldts?

Not a Tissue box cover.

They remind me of frogs as well. Require a bit of washing.

I'm sure you've got it now but the final clue is its a Fiber Trends pattern using Cascade 220 yarn DOUBLE. How quick to knit.

And another, which is slightly more obvious. Twilleys Freedom Spirit in Fire. I am loving the River John Commuter Needles for travelling


Piglottie said...

I keep meaning to start some of my C knitting but just need to selfishly indulge for a minute after lots of gift knitting. Love the Freedom Spirit colours.

dreamcatcher said...

Aargh nooo not the Big C :-D I don't think I'm doing knitting for it this year as last time I tried, it got a bit stressful - biting off more than I could chew in my enthusiasm!

Don't know what the Cascade project is (is it going to be felted?), love the FS scarf :-)