Friday, September 14, 2007

Merino Tencel

The Seduction socks are almost complete. These pictures actually show the colour as it is, it has proved very difficult getting a tru representation.
The pattern has been very easy to pick up. The yarn has a lovely sheen and is very soft on the hands. I think it would be more suited to 2.5mm needles or less to improve its lifespan but these socks are supposed to be for lounging in, not that I know anyone who does that.
My main problem is the last few socks I have knit have been Yarn Yard Merino or Posh Yarn Emily which are much thicker than the Merino Tencel. Overall I think its the sort of yarn for a treat as it looks and feels silky.

Now onto another of my pastimes that gets neglected, until there is some urgency.
This is a pending event so I had to get moving.

Tomorrow I am going craft shopping, although I don't need anything......much.

Happy Weekend.

P.S. I appear to have lost my stashalong counter, it wasn't anything to do with me. Honest. Does that mean its over?


Piglottie said...

Must be the Yarn Fairies telling you the stashalong is over :) Thanks for the info on teh Merino Tencel. The colours is gorgeous (I have probs capturing pinks/purples). And your card is cool - love the colours you've used.

Probably Jane said...

Those socks look like the perfect excuse for lounging to me - very pretty!

natalie said...

Scrumptious socks.
And useful info about the needle size too, thank you.