Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Report

I didn't want to let you down, freshly cooked.

My sisters latest production, she has cupboards full of homemade produce and very nice it is too.

A Dragonfly, sadly dead, that I met on my walk from the bus.


Fabulous, but then I have read the book and was prepared for it not being one of your run of the mill films. There were about 15 of us in the cinema.

Look at the colour of that dress. I now have the book on my present list.

Seduction Socks, I had to fold over the title whilst travelling so people didn't get the wrong idea! If I hadn't stopped to read I think I'd have finished a sock.


Piglottie said...

Looks like you had a good weekend :) The fish and chips look mouthwatering, as does the cider. Love the sock - what do you think to the merino/tencel blend?

yarnsnob said...

I had fish and home made chips this weekend too!! Yum!
Socks look great!

dreamcatcher said...

Wow, the green of that dress is fabulous. Looks like a movie I will have to get on DVD, it sounds excellent.