Thursday, September 20, 2007

Don't look at this on an empty stomach

A certain person in this house has been having a clear out, he is now at work so can't be berated for this find. I have much, much, much smaller glasses now, really, I think these could make 4 of my current ones. In fact I think these are actually car windscreens. I have also realised the error of frilly blouses!

Circa 1989 so I don't mind you seeing this one.

Sorry but another little rant, Short Row heels. Yes, I don't learn and have tried again. In fact I am very proud of these which I started and finished on my journey home.

The problem is the join back onto the big was that hole. Am now going to spend the next hour trying to find a solution then they get a proper heel flap.


gilraen said...

Wow! You haven't changed much. You are still a sweetjeart, just with a big heart instead of big glasses :)

Thank you for signing up :)

gilraen said...

sweetheart, not that other thing! :)

Piglottie said...

It was the eighties, so you have an excuse :) Short row heels - arrgghhhh!!! I couldn't find a solution to the big hole you get when you join back in, despite picking up extra stitches. Only two possibilities I can think of - darning :) or no short row heels (best options methinks) :)