Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I happened to look at Etsy today, as you do, and there was 40% discount from the seller who I bought from a few weeks back. So I had to support the cause and bought the above. $12.50 is a bargain in my book for 462 yards of sock wool and that's including the postage.

I read alot of blogs and also comment on some and have finally managed to join something . The Angel Yarns Forum Secret Santa Summer Holiday. Now I'm panicking about what to buy and will the recipient like it. Its only £20 but I'd like to get as much as I can that they will appreciate. Think the postcard will be the easiest thing and with a name like SussexYorkie surely the clues will be easy. Its both exciting and worrying in one, I'm glad most of us are humans!

Back on the DIY front, the plasterer is due tomorrow so even more has been removed, Dining Table to Garage and contents of Wardrobes onto Spare Bed.

One problem.

We are sleeping in it tonight......

We have agreed it was a bit silly to do 2 rooms at once but I suppose by August! it will all be a bad memory and at least the Poly **** will have been obliterated from 2 more rooms.

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kathryn said...

I don't envy you having two rooms done! I hate having any sort of renovations happening around me - I find it really stressful.
Thanks for the Etsy link. I *had* to have some of the sock yarn!