Thursday, May 17, 2007

Plodding on

It takes some concentrating so this isn't often in my bag when travelling. Hopefully it will be finished for Mays quota.

Am also considering joining Dee with a shawl knitalong, my main concern is joining lace.....I only do knots! So any advice would be useful.


dreamcatcher said...

Depends what yarn you're using, if it's pure wool it wll likely felt, so you could try a felted join, or possibly a russian join. If it's something fluffy like KSH I've been advised that just weaving in the ends will be fine as it sticks together like blue anyway!

Michaela said...

Many thanks for your advice re the socks - looks like Monkey then, but is that hard? Mind you, having mastered these gloves, I feel ready to tackle the world! No lace though, definitely no lace. Maybe will finish something first before casting on yet another new project!

gilraen said...

Your Pomatomus is looking good :)

I've Tagged you BTW :)

I hope you don't mind :)

Sussex Yorkie said...

Don't mind being tagged BUT it means I have to trawl my brain for idiocies.....not many of them!