Monday, May 07, 2007

DIY................aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah picture heavy

Not my thing but I have had to help clear book cases. Its then that you regret loving and hoarding books. It won't change but the poor souls have been stacked in any and every available space. These are just a few of them.

All because of this horrible Poly rubbish that previous owners thought would enhance every ceiling.

Not only is it impossible to paint evenly it skins your knuckles in the process, so innocent me decided that as we decorate each room we would get the ceilings re plastered, fool that I am. Then he who must be obeyed thought that whilst the bedroom was in confusion we may aswell put lights in the ceiling of the Dining room below. That's where the book mountain lives and the glass mountain and most other mountains that can be hidden behind closed doors. Its only then you realise that its possibly better not to fill cupboards. So the Kitchen now holds enough glasses to supply a public house but they are easy to reach!

The remaining items, think that may go down over the next few weeks. What else do you use a boarded up fireplace for?

Did manage to wind some wool in case my supply was cut off during these works.


Anonymous said...

Hello From Your Secret Summer Santa - I laughed out loud when I read your Blog - your house looks just like mine - I have almost 3000 books and they are stacked up everywhere. I'm also originally from York. No more clues as to my identity - I'll be watching you!!!

dreamcatcher said...

I don't envy you shifting that lot around! Love the wine rack in the fireplace though.