Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wants and Needs!

You are all aware of my slight obsession with yarn.

Well I like notebooks too......very sad I know.

These have gone on the list, how long they will be there is not worth putting your money on, although the yarn is reliant on someone else and the queue thats in front of me!

Can you imagine me just ordering a notebook, that would certainly be a lost bet.


gilraen said...

Don't take it all on me, I want some too! :)

You have excellant taste there ;)

Anonymous said...

Well if Piece of Beauty ever re-opens I'll be joining you in the queue. Do you think she'll open again before Secret Summer Santa ends?

Sussex Yorkie said...

We can but hope, I predict this weekend as I'm out of computer zone.

dreamcatcher said...

Ooh thanks for the link to the Piece of beauty blog, I'm drooling at the yarns and colours!