Friday, May 04, 2007

Knitting, Stash and DIY

A few bits to report today.

On the knitting front I am making progress on Ella and hope to have her finished next week but she is currently looking like this .

More stash has arrived in the form of a Posh Yarn Pink Package. Emily in Heather ( which I thought I'd ordered 2 of-just have to have more!), Lucia in Splendid and Eva 2 ply in Dove.
I am known for my aversion to certain retailers, DIY stores being one of them. So at the risk of having to visit one this weekend we went late last night for me to peruse wallpapers for both Bedroom and Dining Room, long story but we were originally only doing the Bedroom! Anyway we managed to gather all that needed joint opinions in half an hour without too much stress. The reason for boring you with these facts is that the Wallpaper for the Dining room is very apt for a knitter.

And for a bit of fun I chose a crown paint which is Corset colour, where do they get their ideas for names?

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dreamcatcher said...

Hee I like the wallpaper name :-) Lovely posh stash enhancement too. The Hedera socks look great!