Friday, May 11, 2007

The trouble with

Having such a huge stash is that you have a few (well alot) of choices for some projects. The small shawls are a case in point. I want to do another Forest Canopy, a Little Arrowhead and Swallowtail from Interweave Knits. Apart from what shall I do next is which yarn shall I use. AND of course should I maybe finish off the few projects I have on the go.
1) Twilleys Freedom Spirit Rib Wrap cardigan, Back complete

2) The dreaded Moss stitch cushion cover, 1 side done (about 10 years ago)

3) Pomatomus Socks (just turned heel of sock 1)

4) Fyberspates socks, sorry not mentioned these (1 down and 1 at heel stage)

5) I'm not quite this bad.......yet!

Ella is finished but due to the state of the area at the moment I thought it safer to stash her away in a bag.

So do I go for FC in this

or Little Arrowhead in this
I could throw alot more options at you of course!


Anonymous said...

Forest canopy in the blue colourway would get my vote!!
Secret Santa

Sussex Yorkie said...

You are certainly keeping watch!

gilraen said...

I love them both. :)

Which has more yardage, Emily might not have enough...........I ordered 2 to be sure when I get around to doing mine. :)

I'm sure they will both look lovely whatever you decide :)

dreamcatcher said...

The Emily looks lovely but agree the yardage may be a problem, more than one person including me has run out of yarn on Forest canopy!